By-Laws and Covenants

The HOA board is committed to preserving homeowner equity and common assets. To ensure this the HOA board enforces the document titled By-Laws and Covenants which homeowners receive at or before settlement. The on-line version is in PDF format and can be searched by words or phrases. Email the Architectural Board Member with questions or pre-approval requests. Here is a brief summary of the basic By-Laws and Covenants which are the most commonly violated. Consult the online document for the full text.
  • Addition of  detached structures such as garden sheds must be pre-approved.
  • Fences must be pre-approved.  No wire or chain-link fence will be approved.
  • ANY changes to the exterior of any home, including, but not limited to Painting,  doors, windows, trim and roofs must be  pre-approved.
  • No trash, garbage, debris, weeds, undergrowth or other unsightly material shall be deposited or allowed to accumulate on the property.
  • Yards must be maintained to include preventing grass growing into the asphalt road and requesting tree removal that appears to be damaging the road due to roots or trunk.